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1 AM I SALVAGEABLE? By Ray Ritchie on Fri May 19, 2017 5:40 pm



The morning breaks with the twilight of consciousness as it begins to rise from the depths of the dreamy and the mysterious darkness of the night. With its arrival the first plausible thoughts begin their formulation of reason; first the transition then the rational reality of the dawning of the day. The eyes open; by now a conflict arises concerning the moving of the body from such a lovely rested position; to stand to one’s feet and face the fleeting morning already in motion for the day. The mind is still grasping at the moment with a foggy prognostication of the not so distant future. So starts the day.

If there is a consciousness; there is self-consciousness and if there is a consciousness; then it stands to reason there is a subconscious as well. We are cognitive of these realties because God has fashioned us with innate intelligence and self-awareness. We are also enabled to cognize sin and virtue once we are quickened or made alive through our spiritual rebirth. The original sin nature which came through the curse of Adam; or what is called in theological terms the Adamic nature which is the innate inclination to sin (disobey) God; that same nature has separated us from God. Rebirth through hearing the gospel of Jesus which is a call to repentance opens our eyes to sin as the original state of mankind.

The law of sin and death came through the disobedience of Adam; he was cursed with spiritual death through sinning against God. He sinned in the flesh (action) and with the mind (carnality). Unfortunately there are many who get saved but contend with carnality which the bible describes as double mindedness. In the terms of modernity it is defined as cognitive dissonance which is described as a psychological conflict which results from incompatible beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously; (which includes the actions which are derived from them).

I have found through the years that many in the church whose hearts are set on heaven and desire to grow spiritually overcome these compartmentalization’s of sin and virtue. Spiritual growth results in the eradication of cognitive dissonance or double mindedness. It is true when a spiritual principle underscored by divine power (i.e. Holy Spirit) it prevails over emotional and subjective compartment; it then delivers out of the bondage of mental anguish which conflicts the soul and spirit.

The construct of a human is a dichotomy of soul and spirit housed within a body making us tripartite. One spiritual tactic of the enemy is to attack us in our mind or our soul which is the seat of our mind, will, and emotions. The reality of this realm is that we have the propensity and proclivities of the residuals of sin to contend with in the body. God is able to bring us to that place of the power to resist; when these residuals are provoked by an assault upon the mind; when the remembrance of certain forgiven sins arise as fiery projectiles of the enemy to entangle us. God is greater than all these things.

Let us be reminded of the goodness of the Lord. How that he is faithful to us even when we struggle with our faith and purpose. Be sure of one thing; questions will always arise pertaining to our faith; but God is faithful even when our hearts condemn us. His love is greater than the condemnation which will inevitably come to try us. Be blessed in the full knowledge that God is working and bringing things together. He is God and we are not; however he is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think according the power which works in us through the Holy Spirit.

The best prescription to divisive subjectivity is the Word of God read with eyes of spiritual enlightenment through the Holy Spirit of God who indwells us then leads and guides us into all truth. The word is truth and is a light to our feet and a lamp unto our path. God is perfecting i.e. maturing his people through faith, through tribulation, through patience, through experience, and through hope which makes us un-blamable, unashamed-able and unshakable through the love of Christ which is installed and activated in our hearts through the Holy Ghost.

Does God ask for a tenth or a tithe of your time; or does God ask for all of your time? Does God ask for a tithe of your mind; or does God ask for your entire mind? Does God bless those whose minds are steadfastly focused upon him; yea he give them perfect peace; a complete divine human incomprehensible peace in the midst of the most turbulent of times.

When earthly toil seems like play and joy is derived from its spiritual labor; we know life on earth has pain; but one day we shall refrain of it. Only in eternal truth does one have supernal rest; being confident of this one thing; if one seeks first the kingdom of God and his righteousness he will add everything we need to succeed and through his power we shall finish the course before us. For greater is he that is within us than he that is without! Selah

Shalom, Agape, & Amen!
D.R. Ritchie

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