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Faith Under Fire by Ray Ritchie!

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1 Faith Under Fire by Ray Ritchie! on Wed May 10, 2017 11:17 am



If we are effective as witnesses of the gospel of Christ rest assured our faith will draw fire from the enemy. Whether that enemy manifests in criticism, sickness, or lack the enemy comes to try our faith.

I’m going to praise the Lord regardless of what is going on in my life. Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the Lord delivers them out of them all. I am surrounded on all sides by foes of my faith; the enemy desires to sieve my life as wheat. He encamps himself around me devising wickedness against me; he desires to invade my fields to raid and reap my livelihood. He fires darts of death in an attempt to consume my health and drain away my strength. He sets those who love me against; they will not hear my cause. He poisons the minds of my relation; they abandon me in my time of distress. The enemy raises prophets to prophesy against me; they speak of my demise.

I was weary and sought refuge; I was in dismay and sought the face of God. I felt those times of isolation; times of throbbing pain in my body with every living breath; only to be taken lightly no compassion did I see. I saw those times of anguish and tearful nights of no rest. I swallowed not in self-pity but in the real pains of despair; looking for deliverance to take it all away. The faith I have; at every moment coming under fire; my faith at every moment going through this trial. I found myself in a cave; one dark, damp, and seemed so destitute. But there; I found a womb for birthing a faith that is brand new. My God has never changed no matter what the trial; through them he is teaching me a lesson.


God is teaching his people in these last days to walk by greater faith; he is giving greater grace to run the race with patience. Brethren the scripture declares “count it all joy when you fall into diver’s temptations knowing the trying of your faith works patience”. When we try to insulate ourselves with emotions which are nothing more than emission of the mind; we are inadvertently setting ourselves up for emotional manipulation which tosses us to and fro. We are called to walk by faith, not by sight. Faith is a fact but faith is an act; faith is not a feeling but a dynamic. We need to remember the force of faith in our lives. It is a faith fortified by the habitation of the Holy Spirit dwelling within our hearts renewing us in the spirit of our mind. Let us therefore keep our faith in tack when our faith is under fire. Brethren, we can huddle ourselves in a hole of despondency or we break the bonds of despair through enforcing our faith by declaring the word over our lives. One Hebrew word for prophesy is “naba” it means to speak by inspiration; its equivalent in the Greek is “propheteuo” it means the same thing; and both also mean “to foretell “depending on the context. Hence when God inspires we are enabled to declare what God has decreed.


The Word of God is Spirit and Life, the Word of God is Living and Powerful, I choose to quote it over my life instead of allowing my emotions to rule my mentality. I choose to no longer house the fear of failure, or give in to hopelessness. I choose life and I choose it more abundantly. We cannot afford to live our lives by premises of this world, but by the promises of God’s word. We are the sum total of who God has called us to be; we must see ourselves as God sees us. He created us to be the express image of him among the people of the world. If we live in despair, despondency, and depression; what kind of witness does that send to an every observant world?


Our faith must be fierce, our faith must be fiery, and our faith must be forceful. We must have a faith that is defiant against opposition and faith that hears the Word, hears the Spirit and comes into agreement with them. The Word, the Spirit, and our Faith are a force to be reckoned with and the enemy is aware of this. It is not our own faith but an imputed faith; God’s faith working in a dynamic way to bring about his will in our lives. Let me say it this way when we quote relative scriptures concerning our situation it is by deference to the authority of God and coming into agreement with the logos and rhema of God. Many scriptures speak in generalities, but the Spirit’s unction is specific and concise. Let me say this as well; God’s word concerning our moral conduct in life is God’s will; however there are times that God will speak to us by the Spirit for specific things which do not counter God’s word but are not specifically in God’s word.

If God can’t guide me directly or speak to me personally do we really have a relationship? I’ve never read in the scriptures that God is deaf and dumb. We should never allow the dictates, opinions, and slanders of others to affect our faith. When God speaks specifically and we heed what we hear concerning his specific will for our lives, though our faith be under fire and tested at every turn we must endeavor to complete the task, proclaim our faith by professing his word, will, and ways over our lives. This will be to the deliverance of ourselves and the detriment of those who oppose us. We may endure the trial for a while; but God will see us through as we exercise our faith in Him. Selah

Shalom, Agape, & Amen!
D.R. Ritchie

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