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O THE JOY - Ray Ritchie

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1 O THE JOY - Ray Ritchie on Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:24 am



The days do not wait upon our situation; therefore we must not wait in idle despair. We must use the time allotted but not striking at the empty air. For in his grace and ample mercy there is hope in abundance; for our God does not forsake us he is working to make repair. The faith sometimes hides deep within us is hard to find when days drudge so slowly by; but our God is working harder to bring us to the place called victory.
Never waiver and do not hinder; stand your ground in faith believing. For our God is ever present so take his hand he’s standing there; hold to him ever tightly never doubt the love he has. For he has never left us but abides ever greater still; yet just to whisper his sweet name and he will softly answer thee. Great and mighty is our Jesus; great and mighty is our King; tis so sweet to be his child and to worship at his feet.
With my heart my mouth will praise him and exalt his name on high. When the days are filled with praises; when the days are filled with prayer; O how wondrous is his presence when he speaks along the way. When caught up in fearful motion, riding waves of doubt all day, O how far did seem his presence as if I had scared the Lord away.
But now in him I am rejoicing; singing songs of glorious praise; weeping tears of joy’s expectation; watching for the promised manifestation. In my heart I hear his promise; in my soul a faith so pure; in my mind the peace is present; for in him I stand by faith today. Selah & Salutations

Shalom, Agape, & Amen!
Ray Ritchie

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