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Yemima's Songs

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1 Yemima's Songs on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:50 pm


I am not a professional musician but I enjoy writing poetry. Some I have put a melody to the poems. Perhaps someone will come along and transpose the notes for me. I will share the words below to my songs.

We Shall Praise the Name of Jesus

Chorus: We shall praise the name of Jesus
We shall praise Him! We shall praise Him!
We shall praise the name of Jesus
Here are the reasons why!

Jesus cleanses every sin
He heals our pains within
Jesus gives us peace of mind
He’s the best friend we could find

Jesus gives strength to the weak
He teaches how to think
Jesus gives shelter in time of need
He cares for all, Yes! Indeed!

Jesus guides along life’s way
He listens when we pray
Jesus, God’s loving Son
He loves us! Yes! Everyone!

penned by BSP (Yemima 1980's)

2 Re: Yemima's Songs on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:55 pm


A New Song (Psalm 33:3)

I sing unto Him a new song
The LORD is my strength and my shield
The joy of my heart doeth belong
Forever my soul now must yield

To hear heaven's harmonic sound
The angelic voice from my soul
Gives reference toward the friend I found
The on that made my life whole

He came to give eternal life
Forever now we sing our choice
The music sounds of love not strife
Ring out from each angelic voice

O sing praises to the King!
O sing praises to the King!
Heaven and earth shall ever sing!
O sing praises to the King!

Penned by BSP (Yemima)2007

3 Re: Yemima's Songs on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:56 pm



Some ask me why I believe in Jesus
It’s because I know He really cares
God sent this Man to show His kindness
And comfort me while in despair

Some ask me why I love this Jesus
It’s because I know He’s my best friend
God sent His Son to love each one of us
And guide us through until the end

Some ask me why I think of Jesus
It because I know He thinks of me
God sent His son to bear my weakness
He bore it all upon a tree

Oh Jesus! I love you so
Oh Jesus! One thing I know
You came to me when I was down
I now praise God His love I’ve found

Penned by: BSP (Yemima) 1980

4 Re: Yemima's Songs on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:57 pm


A man that came from Galilee
Was born to die for you and me
Has shed His blood upon a tree
So we all could be set free

He came at His father’s command
To walk upon this wicked land
Our strength lies in His loving hand
As He pulls us from the sinking sand

As we travel through this life each day
He will teach us how to walk the way
He will give us loving words to say
To the ones that have gone astray

Jesus! Let’s praise His holy name
Jesus! Forever the same
Jesus! That man from Galilee
The one who set us free!

Penned by BSP (Yemima) 1979

5 Re: Yemima's Songs on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:58 pm


AMAZING GRACE ( danny boy tune)

Amazing Grace allowed us to live thus far
Amazing Grace will see us to the end
‘Tis truly amazing how God keeps us from all harm
He sent His Son to be our best friend
We shall always give thanks for Calvary
Upon a tree He died to set the world free
So marvelous His Grace that saved our sinful soul
He looked beyond our sins to give us liberty

I am unworthy to receive His loving Grace
God sent me His only begotten Son
Jesus took away the sins of our ungrateful race
He bore them all and victory was won
I shall always give glory, honor and praise
Awesome, amazing, forever it shall be
Glory Hallelujah! Worshiping all my days
Amazing Grace! Thanksgiving for eternity

Penned by BSP (Glad E Olah) 2005

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