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The Lord Of Hosts - Ray Ritchie

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1 The Lord Of Hosts - Ray Ritchie on Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:51 am



Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. Psalm 68:1

Many trust in the arm of flesh; but I will trust in the arm of the Lord for he is the Lord of Hosts. At his command are angels galore; his hand is mighty to defend and his heart is for his children. When the enemy encamps about me; I will call upon the name of the Lord.

O how sweet to the ear of the Lord is the language of prayer; a desire turns into petition from the depths of the heart. O how lovely is our reliance; the melodies of the pious soul as words flow; depending on the Omnipotent One. He who holds the galaxies in his hand is mindful of the humble man.

I will say of the Lord; he is my refuge and my strength; there is none who can withstand his mighty power. In the desert of diversion when in times of desperation I will call upon his name. When traversing through the valleys where the hills are filled with my foes; I know the sound of dreadful silence; but in my heart there are no woes.
On the mountains of my victories I will depend on him evermore; for he is Lion of the Tribe of Judah in heart I hear his roar.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. Psalms 68:19

My eyes have opened to the new day; untarnished, unspotted, and unspoiled. Let this heart be opened to the unction which guides me to thy will. For in your providence this day has been loaded with benefits yet to know. Dear Lord of Hosts; activate my spiritual eyes and open my spiritual mind let me see and understand what I should do and where I should go to receive today’s benefits. Yet I know that on my knees is our sacred and secret place; meet me in the midst of my soul, lead me by thy hand to make me a burning coal. Let thy Spirit arise in me and confront thine enemies, give me courage to face the day, and give me wisdom to help me stand.

Brethren, God is not some far off being who does not care about his children, many times the things which befallen us are the results of us getting out of his will, straying into restricted territory; doing our own thing. God is a God who is personal; he can be gentle, loving, and caring concerning his children, but also chastens the children he loves for their own good. Many times we neglect God in our daily living, but call upon him when things go wrong. This life will always be filled with battles; but it is more beneficial to have God fighting the battle for us and through us than to face our battles along. We can take comfort for our future because God is at the helm of our life.

He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death. Psalms 68:20

My God; Our God is a God of Deliverance! He controls the escapes from death, and issues life and salvation to his children. Brethren; keep the faith today by yielding totally to God and depending upon him to load your day with good things even in the midst of all the bad things which may be happening in your life. Faith moves mountains because heartfelt love is the foundation of faith. Believe in God and he will believe in and through you. Selah

Shalom, Agape, & Amen!
Bro. Ray….(Servant)

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