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Jesus is coming soon! - John Wolf

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1 Jesus is coming soon! - John Wolf on Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:01 am


"Know this also,that in the last days (just before the Lord's return to take His people out in the Rapture) perilous times (dangerous times) shall come(they cannot be stopped).For men shall be lovers of their own selves (self centeredness,selfish),covetous (full of lust),boasters (braggarts),proud (of their own self accomplishments),blasphemers (use of profanity towards others,habitual use of profanity in general,individuals using God's name in vain),disobedient to parents (unruly children,children with no discipline or respect),unthankful,unholy (without godliness),without natural affection (lacking the natural attraction towards the opposite sex and being attracted to the same sex,homosexuality),trucebreakers (breaking peaceful agreements),false accusers (liars,ones who make up false stories or accusations against others),incontinent (lacking self control),fierce(savages),despisers of those that are good (hateful towards those who are good),traitors (betraying country or fellow countrymen into the enemies hands),heady (stubborn;head strong,unyielding),highminded (over inflated egos;conceited),lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God (pleasure seekers;ones given over to being pleased at all times);having a form of godliness,but denying the power thereof (individuals who seem to be religious but deny the power of God to transform their lives): from such TURN AWAY (have nothing to do with them).For of this sort are they which creep into houses (sneak in by stealth or deception),and lead captive silly women laden with sins,led away with divers lusts,ever learning,and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." (II Tim.3:1-7 KJV) words in parenthesis added for clearer understanding.
Sounds just like the times we are living in,doesn't it? Wait a minute!!!!......It is the times we are living in! Jesus is coming soon!

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