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Christmas 2016 by Dave Bessey

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1 Christmas 2016 by Dave Bessey on Sun Dec 18, 2016 7:24 am


Christmas 2016 by Dave Bessey

What is the real meaning of Christmas to you personally? Is is about receiving and giving presents or family gatherings. Is it about the symbols of Christmas or a baby in a manger. We are now grown ups. Gone is the image of Santa Claus coming down a chimney, a stove pipe an exhaust fan. We have woke up to an age of "Happy Holidays" for some or the real Jesus who is King of kings and Lord of lords and no longer in a manger. Some folks have felt loneliness, pain and suffering yet still rise up as eagles with the strength through faith in Christ, the Christ Jesus who sits on the throne of Heaven as King of kings!

Yet there is a meaning even beyond the deliverance and salvation and even strength in the storms. There is a real relationship with God our Father, through Christ Jesus. From early in the church era we knew that there was power in our relationship with the Father through faith in Jesus. What happened? What changed? We have become religious and politically correct. Instead of not wanting to offend our God, we worry we will offend man. The time has come to reconnect with our real faith in Christ alone and serve only Him! Will you received Jesus today? Receive your King! Cry Hosanna Hallelujah! Worthy is the Lamb of God!

Here is a real story from history

The Real 'Saint Nick'

By Dr. Ralph Wilson
You'd hardly expect to find old St. Nick in jail. But St. Nicholas is more than a children's Christmas legend. He was flesh and blood, a prisoner due to his belief in Christ, bishop of the Mediterranean city of Myra.

What do we know about the real St. Nicholas? He was born, ancient biographers tell us, to wealthy parents in the city of Patara about 270 A.D. He was still young when his parents died and left him a fortune.

As a teenager, Nicholas' humility was already evident. He had heard about a family destitute and starving. The father had no money for food, much less the dowry needed to marry off his three daughters. He was ready to send his oldest girl into the streets to earn a living as a prostitute.

Under the cover of night, Nicholas threw a bag of gold coins through the window of their humble dwelling. In the morning the father discovered the gold. How he rejoiced: his family was saved, his daughter's honor preserved, and a dowry for her marriage secured. Some time after, Nicholas secretly provided a dowry for the second daughter. Still later for the third. But on the third occasion, the girls' father stood watching. As soon as the bag of gold thudded on the floor, he chased after the lad till he caught him. Nicholas was mortified to be discovered in this act of charity. He made the father promise not to tell anyone who had helped his family. Then Nicholas forsook his wealth to answer a call to the ministry.

At the nearby city of Myra a bishop supervised all the churches of the region. When the bishop died, the bishops and ministers from other cities and villages (Nicholas among them) gathered to choose a successor.

Nicholas was in the habit of rising very early and going to the church to pray. This morning an aged minister awaited him in the sanctuary. "Who are you, my son?" he asked. "Nicholas the sinner," the young minister replied. "And I am your servant." "Come with me," the old priest directed. Nicholas followed him to a room where the bishops had assembled. The elderly minister addressed the gathering. "I had a vision that the first one to enter the church in the morning should be the new bishop of Myra. Here is that man: Nicholas."

Indeed they did choose him as bishop. Nicholas was destined to lead his congregation through the worst tribulation in history. In A.D. 303, the Roman Emperor Diocletian ordered a brutal persecution of all Christians. Those suspected of following the Lord were ordered to sacrifice to pagan gods. Nicholas and thousands of others refused.

Ministers, bishops, and lay people were dragged to prison. Savage tortures were unleashed on Christians all over the empire. Believers were fed to wild animals. Some were forced to fight gladiators for their lives while bloodthirsty crowds screamed for their death. Women suffered dehumanizing torment. Saints were beaten senseless, others set aflame while still alive.

Yet persecution couldn't stamp out Christianity. Rather it spread. Third Century leader Tertullian observed, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church."

Those who survived Diocletian's torture chambers were called "saints" or "confessors" by the people, because they didn't forsake their confession that Jesus Christ is Lord. Nicholas was one of these. Finally, after years of imprisonment, the iron doors swung open and Bishop Nicholas walked out, freed by decree of the new Emperor Constantine. As he entered his city once more, his people flocked about him. "Nicholas! Confessor!" they shouted. "Saint Nicholas has come home."

The bishop was beaten but not broken. He served Christ's people in Myra for another 30 years. Through the prayers of this tried and tested soldier of faith, many found forgiveness of their sins through faith in Christ. Nicholas participated in the famous Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. He died about 343, a living legend, beloved by his whole city.

St. Nick of yuletide fame still carries faint reminders of this ancient man of God. The color of his outfit recollects the red of bishop's robes. "Making a list, checking it twice," probably recalls the old saint's lectures to children about good behavior. Gifts secretly brought on Christmas eve bring to mind his humble generosity to the three daughters.

Yet if he were alive today, this saint would humbly deflect attention from himself. No fur-trimmed hat and coat, no reindeer and sleigh or North Pole workshop. As he did in life centuries ago, Bishop Nicholas would point people to his Master.

"I am Nicholas, a sinner," the old saint would say. "Nicholas, servant of Christ Jesus."

Still Another lesson from History:


When God is preparing to birth something new and something very significant in your life regarding your destiny and purpose, it may not necessarily happen when everything is going wonderful in your life. No, it may actually happen when it seems as if so many things are working against you in that season.

Joseph and Mary couldn't find any room in the inn at Bethlehem. All the hotels were booked at full occupancy. They had no choice but a manger for their accommodations and to be the delivery room of God's Promised Messiah to be born.

And what was about to be born would equte to "danger in the manger" to the Prince of Darkness, because it was the Promised Seed from Genesis 3:15 that would be born that would crush the head of the serpent and destroy the works of the devil.

When the Promise was born, God send provisions with wise men from the East - gold, frankinsence and myrhh to take care of them when they would have to flee Herod's wrath into Egypt for a season. But the Scripture says "out of Egypt, I have called My Son."

The prophetic promises of God connected to your destiny and purpose will also have supernatural protection and provision connected to it which becomes activated when you simply hear the voice of God and obey.

Not only was there "danger" in that Bethlehem "manger" for the devil. But there is also "danger" in your "manger" for him associated with the birthing and manifestation of the prophetic promises for your life. That is why it seems always like such a fight of spiritual warfare to see them birthed and become fully grown.

Your greatest spiritual warfare is your simple obedience of faith to what you believe God is speaking to you (as it lines up with Scripture of course). There is nothing more powerful than that in spiritual warfare: hear and obey the Living God as sons and daughers of God. As many as are led by the Spirit, they are the sons of God.

There is protection and provision connected to your promise and purpose. And what God is about to birth through many of you in this season will be no less than the same effect of "danger in the manger" in how it will affect the kingdom of darkness.

There is a promise that many of you have been carrying, and its come full term and about to be born. Don't think everything and every circumstance has got to be perfect. No - you might not find room in the inn, but all you need is a manger.

Sure, it may smell a bit because of the animals in the same place, but it is just the "foolishness" of that manger, that God is going to birth something incredibly royal and kingdom. Afterall, it was The King who was born in a manger.

So put your faith out there - believe God. Don't look at the circumstances. Just "know" in your "knower" when the water is about to break and get ready for the birth of your prophetic promise that will do some significant damage to satan's kingdom.

And be watching for the "wise men" coming with provision to insure this promise will be taken care of.

I hope this helped someone. It was in my spirit to share it.

You are wise people. You have followed the King. Your life is in the narrow path. It is not an easy road to learn to walk by faith, but you are learning like me. Our struggle is much less when we get to our knees. This is what Christmas is all about. A restoration of a real relationship with the Father. Sin and the devil was defeated not just on the cross though that was the nails in their defeat. The victory started on the manger when Jesus came to earth, Yahweh in earth, Emmanuel, Yahweh with us. He walked among us. He cried, he healed and raised the dead. He showed us the Father's love ultimately on the cross. But as the Apostle wrote: He emptied Himself by coming to earth, even to the point of death on the cross.

But the Christmas story is also about three days later when His love sent Him back to be a testimony of true victory of defeating death. He arose! Soon the Christmas story will be complete, when He finally returns to reign forever! Merry Christmas is not just a phrase from earth, for everyday in Heaven is Christmas! Rise Eagles! Amen?

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