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Broken Pieces by Ray Ritchie

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1 Broken Pieces by Ray Ritchie on Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:12 pm



What is it this time Steve? Dave said as he walked into the living room. I’ve got a trip planned for us today Steve answered. I don’t want to go on a trip Dave firmly replied. Well then; I don’t think you’ve got a choice in the matter Steve said just as firmly. Go to your room and get ready we’ll be leaving in a half hour. As Dave ascended the stairs to his room; Steve reviewed Dave’s history file again in his mind. Steve was Dave’s newest Foster Parent. Dave was going on sixteen and had been bounced around through the system as a ward of the State all his life. From the time his birth mother abandoned him on the steps of a health clinic until now he had never known the stability of family life. Dave had grown up bitter and had a big chip on his shoulder and wasn’t shy about being as obstinate as possible when it came to keeping the rules. He had ran away several times only to be caught again and integrated back into the system. Steve thought long and hard about Dave; he had been in their care for almost two months now and seems to be getting more rebellious by the day.
Dave arrived downstairs with a long face and an attitude to match it. There is a place I want to take you that I believe you will find interesting Steve said as they walked toward the car; whatever, Dave replied sarcastically. They hopped in the car to begin the journey, Dave noticed they were going toward the outskirts of the city and began to wonder curiously about where they were going. Steve kept silent and Dave was happy about it as the scenery slowly changed to fields and forest. Finally they arrived pulling into a gravel driveway with what looked to be a rundown house and an old wooden shack with a tin roof. Dave noticed the closer they got to the house there were all kinds of broken chards of pottery that cluttered the yard and stacks of it piled in front of the large door to the shack.

Suddenly an old white haired bearded man appeared out of the shack walking out to greet them as they pulled up to park the car. Well bless my breaches the old man said as Steve and Dave got out to meet him. Why you old coot! How you been? Steve greeted back as the old man approached; then giving each other a big hug. Doin find Steve; I see you got this young feller with you today; Henry’s my name he said with a big grin on his face as he stretched out his hand toward Dave; what’s yours son? Dave was still taking in all of where he was and the friendliness of the old man took him by surprise; Dave he said a bit nervously. Glad to know ye Henry said then smiled real big revealing a missing tooth that made Dave smile unconsciously. Well I got work to do Henry said turning back toward the shack y’all are welcome to come in or did you want to show Dave around first Steve? Yeah; I thought it would be nice to show him the place before I showed him the shack Steve answered.
Now Dave was curious about what was going on so he followed Steve without hesitation as they started walking out into the yard. You know what these are Dave, he asked. Not exactly he answered; these are pieces of pottery that use to serve a purpose, but somehow were broken, and so because everyone for miles around knows what Henry does; they bring them here and drop them off. Steve explained; all those broken pieces in many people’s mind render the pottery useless and no good. Do you understand Dave; Steve asked. I wasn’t born yesterday Dave said with defiance. So you would agree with the majority that these broken chards of pottery are useless then; Steve asked. How could they be any use to anyone when they are broken Dave answered. Steve answered let’s go to the shack and I’ll show you that you are wrong. That will be hard to do he answered back. As they entered the shack Henry was sitting at a makeshift table; one could see the tools of a potter all about the shack. The interesting thing is that Henry was walking over to piles of broken chards and fitting them together with other pieces to form a beautiful piece of pottery. On shelves which lined the walls of the shack there were row after row of beautifully handcrafted and hand painted pieces of pottery which were all shapes and sizes. Dave couldn’t believe his eyes. Henry stopped working to chat; what do ye think Dave? I think its amazing; Dave answered. Henry said yep! It takes a lot of patience, time, and hard work but the finished product is well worth it. Dave had to admit it; Henry and Steve were right.
On the drive home Dave thought about what he had seen and sat there quietly. Steve began; Dave I knew a young man once about your age, he had been put up for adoption by his birth mother and was integrated into the system. When he got older all he could think of was how life had treated him so badly. He became so rebellious he ended up in a juvenile correctional facility. He would start fights and try to hurt people, and became a loner that no one thought could ever be repaired. Many gave up on him because his life was much like the potter’s yard filled with broken chards that seems like they could never be fixed or fit for anything. Then one day that young man was taken on a trip to the potter’s house and met the potter and seen the wonderful work he had accomplished with all those broken pieces.
That young man was me; Dave. It changed my life, because the foster parent that took me to the potter’s house was a good man. I am going to tell you what my foster dad told me after our visit to see Henry. He said Steve, Henry is like unto one sent by the God of Creation, who sent his Son to this earth for broken people. People whose lives were like those broken chards in the potter’s yard. He died for their sins, mistakes, and the rebellion those broken chards represent. Then like Henry does with those broken pieces he makes a new creation and a more beautiful piece of pottery that serves a wonderful purpose. Henry saves broken pieces then mends and molds them into useful creations. Jesus the Son of God saves broken hearts and lives, and transforms them into new creations. He picked up all the hurt, he absorbed all the harm I had, and he took my life when I realized just how broken I was and transformed it. You see Dave, I know where you are because I’ve been where you’re at, you can be useful and have fulfillment knowing you have purpose. Dave; would you like to go to the real potter today; to give him all your broken pieces? Dave looked over at Steve with tears already rolling down upon his cheeks, and answered ever so softly “ yes, I would “. Selah!
Shalom, Agape, & Amen!
D.R. Ritchie (Servant)

Be Blessed Brethren in the Name of Jesus

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