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Honor by Ray Ritchie!

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1 Honor by Ray Ritchie! on Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:57 am



If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor. (John 12:26 KJV)

To have the Father’s honor, how to obtain it is simply; serve and follow Jesus. Obedience is keeping the will of God which is found in the word, and through the unction of the Spirit. Our prayer should be in this regard; Lord bring to my attention the awareness of the opportunities around me to serve Christ and my fellow man.

If there was no personal blessing in serving God, it there is no heartfelt joy in being a helper, then this walk of faith would be most pointless. If one cannot reap the benefits in this lifetime of serving the purposes of God, how hollow would the soul and the emptiness a vast void of nothingness be? If it does not please the Father to bless us, or if we serve in loveless obedience; why would it matter? For I have found that love is the springboard to blessings, and service is animation which perpetuates our devotion. For it should be in loving adoration that we serve and follow Jesus. It should be the response to the love he has given us through his own cruel sacrifice.

O to seek this honor, O to feel its joy, to know that I have pleased him, the one who does employ. O to know his honor, O to sense this love, just to know that honor is a highlight fitted like a glove. Just to know it’s found me dedicated to him in truth makes my joy increase with all my growing fruit.

O the opportunities of which many do abound, if in love we engage them to amaze of those around. The Father sees our motives of which they do proceed; he knows every thought for in our minds what is decreed. So when his honor finds us; from his heart he does this loving deed, exalts us in due season and rewards abundantly.

Honor among men is cheap and spent away in the moment of the minute, but the honor of God which is of eternal value. Let us contend for the faith and be the faith that expresses itself out in servitude and reverence and love. Selah!

Shalom, Agape, & Amen!
D.R. Ritchie….

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