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1 WINNERS! on Thu May 19, 2016 6:11 pm



Let us lift up the name of Jesus with a voice of triumph! For without a doubt; “there is no other name given from heaven among men whereby we can be saved”. No earthly King, no President, no political philosophy, no state ran program, not any man made entity, or religion can save the soul of man. There is only one sacrifice which is acceptable to Him who sits upon the throne of heaven, and He whom created all we behold.

That is the untainted sanctified blood of Jesus Christ the Lord. It does not matter what the trial, what the temptation, whom the persecutors, or the tribulation we may be facing; our God is able to secure us and maintain us through them all. He is our destiny, he is our Conquering King, and we may lose a battle from time to time, but as long as breath courses through lungs we are still in the war.

Therefore I will set my face as flint toward the destiny God has chosen me to fulfill, for no weapon formed against me will prosper. He who now lives within me; is far greater than they who oppose me, for I am now more than a conquer and my destiny is victory! For I choose to fight upon the battlefield of gospel morality, I choose to repel powers, principalities, and rulers of darkness. I fight adorned for spiritual warfare, my armor a helmet of salvation, my breastplate his righteousness, my utility the truth of his word, my sword his Spirit, my feet firmly founded with incomprehensible peace, my shield his imparted faith. My God goes before me, he is my forward guard, he also brings up the rear he is my rearguard, and he sets warring angels all round about me.

I push forward confident of victory, to my side others who have fallen lacking the faith of our father, some maimed and faltering between two worlds, my hand is steady; my foe most fierce but he who is within me strengthens my resolve. I push forward to the fray walking through the battlefield where fear pushes back to some’s demise, my eyes ever steady upon the prize, my mind ever steady upon the word, I swing the sword an enemy falls, I step forward never looking behind. The battle seems more tense, the enemy ever more determined to detour, but a voice deep within drives me forward with more intensity, I sing from my heart “ I shall not be, I shall not be moved “ as I win another victory marching ever forward toward my destiny.

Brethren, keep the faith today by knowing in your heart that the work God started in you he will bring to completion; do not waver, stumble, and become doubleminded. Keep getting up and march forward using the weapons which God has empowered us with in the name of Jesus! Selah

Shalom, Agape, & Amen!
D.R. Ritchie (Servant)

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