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The Miracle Of The Sacred Cow!

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1 The Miracle Of The Sacred Cow! on Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:03 am


True Story

The Miracle of the Sacred cow!

A whole Indian village accepts Jesus!

In some parts of the Indian Sub-continent, are communities where cows are regarded as sacred and given a semi god status! These beasts have freedom of the villages; they wander where they will and do as they please without restraint. It is considered a sin and a curse to drive them away from your land even when they pose danger to life and property! But animals will always be animals, particularly in the presence of their young, however sacred they are made to be. Stories abound of unholy damages to properties, injuries and even deaths as these beasts run amok in the villages!
Some of these villages are usually many days' journey from the nearest ‘civilisation’ and often lack basic social amenities and infrastructures like schools, roads, transport, medical facilities etc!
A man of God on a journey to visit folks, passed through one of these villages one day. As was his custom, he preached the Gospel of Good News as he went through. His arrival in the villages a long his route was breaking news to the locals -unused to meeting strangers!
If the appearance of this stranger was news in itself, his message of salvation was even stranger to the locals! The visitor preached the name of a man he called Jesus who had powers to heal the sick, raise the dead and grant eternal life! This Jesus is not only their source of help, the preacher proclaimed, but he is so much more than a mere mortal man. There is nothing that can stand in the way of Jesus. No enemy has the power - he simply casts out the demons. No teacher or sceptic can stump him with a question. No disease can withstand his call for healing. Not even nature can baffle or threaten him. He is not just a man. He is God's Son. He is Immanuel, God with us.
His arrival in one particular village and the message he preached evidently reached the ears of the village Chief who summoned him at once to his palace. This chief had a son who was at the point of death. Days earlier, this son had been gored by a holy cow protecting its young. All the witch-doctors and local medicine men had failed to cure him and he was now awaiting the inevitable-death! The chief had sought to send to him to hospital. Due to lack of roads, however, this would mean a journey of several days, being carried on a stretcher through the village paths, streams and bushes to the nearest point where to pick some mode of transportation to the town to get medical attention. This plan had to be abandoned as it was clear the boy would not survive the journey!
The chief begged the man of God to heal his son. He complained about the witchdoctors for exploiting him and yet could do nothing for his son!
The Preacher explained that he had no power of his own to do anything for the boy. It is Jesus alone, he proclaimed, who has the power to heal the sick! And he promised that Jesus was going to heal the boy. The preacher said a brief prayer for the patient, blessed him and departed, leaving the chief even more confused. The chief had expected to see something dramatic and instantaneous after the manner of the report he had heard!
The injuries sustained by the chief's son were extensive and would be life threatening even with proper medical care! He was gored in the cheeks, with the horn passing left to right, from one cheek to the other, knocking out all teeth, and fracturing both jaws into fragments, leaving a gaping hole large enough to see right through, from left to right, with a naked eye! This was a no hope situation by all stretch of imaginations!
A few days later, the man of God returning from his journey, noticed an unusual commotion in the same village. In his mind, he thought this might be the funeral in progress. He personally had had no hope for the boy's life, even being a man of God that he was! As he left the chief's premises a few days ago, all he could see and feel was death around the corner! This commotion in the village seemed to confirm his fears!
News of his return to the village reached the chief who once again summoned him immediately to the palace. This time the preacher had worries about what might happen to him. His prayers had obviously not worked; the boy had died and the chief was now out to wreck vengeance on him for the death of his son he feared. He immediately worked out a plan in his mind - a sermon of surrender of some sort- as he made his way to the Chief’s palace!
...God works in mysterious ways!
...We don't understand the ways of God, why He allows pain in some situation and healing in another etc etc!

And his fears were compounded as he approached the palace, when he saw the chief come to his gate to personally meet him unlike the previous occasion when he was ushered into the chief's presence. He very nearly passed out. He thought, this it! Am a dead man! But it soon became clear his fears were unfounded and he need not have worried about anything! Our God reins! The chief had a big smile on his face as he hugged and greeted him! Everyone had a smile on their face! There were joyful ululations in the backyard and obvious rejoicing! This seemed weird to the man of God- people looking joyful in the midst of what was clearly a funeral!
But the chief presented a young man to him! And who, the preacher asked, might this be? With the broadest smile in the world, a smile the preacher shall not forget for as long as he lives, the chief reminded the man of God about his visit a few days earlier and how he had prayed for his son who was at the point of death. He proudly declared: ‘’this is he who was dead and is now alive and well! Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!’’ The chief broke down in tears of joy! For not only was the boy fully healed but the miracle is that there was not even a single SCAR left on both cheeks! All the teeth and jaws were restored, the cheeks became as fresh and new as a baby's! Where there had been a gaping hole was now a beautiful smooth skin!

News of this miracle spread throughout the surrounding villages and those who had been looking forward to death and a burial now found themselves starring at life! They couldn't deny it!
The preacher invited everyone to follow him to a nearby local river and do as told! The whole village did - over 200 people, not counting children. After a sermon, he asked eerybody to get into the water such as they could safely be contained and baptised them all on mass In The NAME OF THE FATHER, AND Of THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!
(Details held for security reason)

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