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1 THE MIRROR OF YOU on Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:03 pm



“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart”. Hebrews 4:12 KJV

So many things flood the mind sometimes, it is the way of humanness, we are creatures whom compartmentalize our lives into categories of contradiction. Others can often see them once they know us better. We inherit traits which we deny to ourselves but can be clearly seen by others. Information overload is usually one of the culprits which cause some of our very apparent contradictions. It behooves me as a man called of God to point myself and others to the truth which the word of God expresses about the human condition, the human heart, and the human experience.

God calls each of us according to his divine plans and purposes in this earthly life. Many times in this life there is the dynamic of misunderstanding how we all fit into the body of Christ which leads to confusion and division. Why? Because many within the body of Christ become those who delve into the business of others when that business doesn’t concern them in the scheme of God’s will for another individual’s life.

But the same person will take offense when another person does the same thing to them. This is called hypocrisy. Hypocrisy often demands of others what it is not doing itself, none of us can afford the rewards of personal hypocrisy and should strive to examine ourselves in an area before attacking another for doing the very same thing.

Character assassination is all to common in the body of Christ, in fact it is worst than in the world because when we assassinate the character or conduct of another without knowing the facts or God’s plans for that individual’s life; it is hypocrisy at it’s worse. It is unfortunate the elements of the flesh are alive and well in the body of Christ.

Brethren, I write this knowing full well I am not perfect by any means, I am striving for that perfection which the bible teaches Christians should display. I am sure that there are areas in my life that I cannot see about myself, but this one thing I do know; I am ever asking God to open my eyes that I may see myself as he does. I have passed the strait gate and am walking on the narrow path that leads to a city whose builder and maker is God.

Brethren our lives are in fact the accumulation of the sum of our actions. Often our words do not attest to the actions we take. In fact as people few assess us the sum of our actions are the means by which they interpret us. Then they make decisions concerning us based upon the some of our actions. Let me say this with all sincerity, we must mature in every area of our lives and be consistent in that maturity according to the plans and purposes which God has called us to. The word of God is a mirror for those who are searching for truth and growth.

That mirror will not lie to you when you are looking into it, it will show you the exact image you are spiritually, Mentally, and Physically if you allow it to reflect the true image of who you really are. When we approach the mirror; it is personal, it is for oneself, it is to examine oneself in the light of God. One must first attend to their own flaws, shortcomings, and imperfections by being doers of the word, by allowing the quickening of God’s terrible swift sword severe fleshly attributes and leave spiritual qualities to grow.

(21) Therefore putting aside all filthiness and overflowing of evil, receive in meekness the implanted Word, which is able to save your souls.
(22) But become doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
(23) For if anyone is a hearer of the Word and not a doer, he is like a man studying his natural face in a mirror.
(24) For he studied himself and went his way, and immediately he forgot what he was like.
(25) But whoever looks into the perfect Law of liberty and continues in it, he is not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work. This one shall be blessed in his doing. James 1:21-25 MKJV

Brethren keep the faith today by walking in the fullness of the Spirit by practicing the fullness of God’s word. Let us be assassins of our own flesh, reckoning ourselves death to sin and alive to Christ, and by daily examining ourselves to see if we are in the faith according to 2nd Corinthians 13:5. Why? Because when you are the best you, you have the right spirit and perspective to help not hurt others. Selah!

Shalom, Agape, & Amen!
D.R. Ritchie ( Emissary of the Most High God )

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