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Using Time Wisely!

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1 Using Time Wisely! on Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:47 pm



1 Corinthians 3:11-13

Everyone would agree that time is a most precious commodity. It is essential for developing skills, deepening relationships and no amount of money, possessions, or prestige can equal its value.
Think about this. You can’t earn time or give it away. But you can’t shorten it for painful occasions or extend it for joyous ones. And only God can add to or subtract from your days on earth. He is in absolute control of time.
So let me ask you: what are you doing with this priceless commodity? The Bible urges us to recognize and act upon every opportunity God presents.
The Lord wants us to make the most of our time – to treat it like the valuable gift it is. Too often, people spend their hours on endeavors which, in an eternal sense, are fruitless. But Jesus set the example for sufficient time management. At the beginning and at the end of His incredibly hectic days. He retreated from the crowds and spent time in prayer with the Father. Christ knew prayer was the greatest time saver in the world. Can you pliz retreat too from the crowd which will add to you nothing, and turn to your God!
God knows our schedules before it happens, and through prayer, He’ll give you wisdom and guidance for each day. Relying on our own efforts results in wasted time. Don’t be confused with the world, stress, fear, saying what should I do to get out of these debts, or family problems, try God in prayer, you will not be frustrated or ashamed.
Focus on God and ask Him to point out any wasted effort in your life. He will help you make your time count.
Remember, “Don’t spend time, invest it.
May the Lord richly bless u all

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