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1 DOES LEADERSHIP MATTER? - Ray Ritchie! on Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:56 am



When I look back on my life, do I have some regrets; sure I do, do I think I should be further along in life; sure I do.
When I think about success in ministry, do I have some regrets; sure I do, when I think about the times I made bad decisions, sure I do. You see folks, I can not blame anyone else for those things which God has placed into my responsibility when I had him as the one to turn to before I made any decision about going forward.

Any failure is solely laid at my feet, I own it; because I did it! I can’t say to God if so and so would have obeyed you or if I had more of this or that, or everything and everyone is against me. I am responsible to God to seek his face concerning his will for my life and do what he has called me to do in faith believing and trusting that he is with me. But if I get ahead of or lag behind him, that is my fault. Why? Because it is up to me to wait upon the Lord till I hear his voice, not the voice of people who may or may not be led of the Lord. But I am suppose to wait until I hear that still small voice that I know that I know that I know is the voice of God.

I’ve played the blame game in the past and still lost! Adam played the same game when he pointed blame on Eve, when he knew full well what he was doing. He made the decision to partake of the forbidden fruit in the light of God’s clear command not too!

Also there are times God calls us to be team players, working together in unison with others we don’t normally work with. But if we are too prideful to co-labor then we lose in the long run. It’s all about Jesus being lifted up that he may draw the lost to the cross and be reconciled to God.

Leaders learn through life that failure is often one path to developing a successful ministry that has the purpose of God as its sole intent. That does not mean one will never fail or miss God in fact it ensures it. Why? Because as long as we live in this human form we are subject to make mistakes. We also have emotions that are misleading at times.

Many leaders within the body, still do not know how to effectively lead, because they miss one of the most important dynamics of leading, hence to be a people person, now I didn’t say a people pleaser; I said a people person. If one cannot relate to an individual on a personal level they will never achieve the confidence of those people or the trust to lead them. In effect they become sounding brass and clamoring cymbals which make lots of noise but do not touch the heart but only become cumbersome to the ears.

An old proverb says concerning a leader “ One who does not have anyone following them is just taking a walk “. Myself I know I am still learning, but my heart is purposed to lead people to salvation in Christ and to edify the body of Christ. I believe God called me to expound the gospel and expand the kingdom. This is the purpose of those whom God has called into the fivefold ministry.

Let us always, be those who do things with integrity! It is a faulty foundation which is built through falsehood. No matter how much success is accomplished it will always be marred by the deception which it built upon, if God doesn’t expose it in this life, he will certainly judge it in the next. No one gets a free pass, if you are building a ministry on lies, those lies will follow you around. You may be able to pull the charade over some people’s eyes, but others will see you for exactly what you are. Those very lies will find their selves a way to those who follow you and then the shame of that deception will stand in stark conviction against your character.

Remember ministry is about getting people to Jesus and helping them to grow into the image of Christ. A minister must therefore model Christ in their own lives. Jesus was the personification of truth, integrity, and straightforwardness. When someone is born again they are babes in Christ who need a mantle of a mentor to help them to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

Brethren and fellow leaders, let us put on the Lord Christ and make no provision for the flesh neither the lust thereof, let us not lust after fame, wealth, and the things of this world, but let us look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, who will always provide those things which are needful as we put Him first in our lives. Ministry is about people, filling the vacuums in their spirit, soul, and life through the application of the word of God. We must therefore follow Jesus, with all our mind, body, soul, and strength. It is only those things done in the will of God which will make a difference for time and eternity. Selah...

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